My name is Helén Andersson Sears. I'm a mama, yogini, moon gazer, sacred space holder and yoga - movement - meditation teacher. I've been teaching yoga and mindful movement for over 15 years. I draw my inspiration from nature, moving my body, music, women, my Scandinavian roots and the ancient teachings of yoga and its capacity for profound healing. Yoga is my passion, my healer, my art and my soulcare. 

The Practice

The yoga I teach is based on vinyasa flow, intelligent alignment and connection to the breath. I incorporate pranayama exercises, restorative and yin yoga as well as mini meditations to deepen the practice. I believe in the healing power of movement, rhythm, breath and meditation. 

Each yoga practice and course that I offer are rich with intention to help you create a fulfilling and sustainable home yoga practice. In a home practice you can really allow yourself to listen, move at your own pace, feel it out, release judgement, show up as you are and dig in. Roll out your mat. Let your practice live in every moment of your day. Find yoga practices on my youtube channel here.


Living Yoga

Yoga is a way of living. It's in the choices we make in everyday life. It's how we show up. Living Yoga is a little bit different for everyone. To me it's being present. Simplicity. Slowing down. Kindness. Deep breaths. Awareness. Creating beauty in the mundane. Connecting to nature and people. Mindful movement. Joy. Listen to my heart. Stillness. Finding my rhythm within the seasons. Creativity. Being rooted. 

The asana practice can be a beautiful and powerful portal to learn the art of living yoga.